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2012 Cordless tools

Give garden tools a cordless makeover

Thinking of trading in petrol garden tools for eco-friendly cordless handheld ones? Great performance and results; just free from the noise, smell, maintenance and regular fuel top ups…

Battery-powered garden tools differ from petrol and corded in a variety of ways, including weight, size, environmental impact, running costs and storage. Being free from cables, movement is unrestricted to allow for multiple handling positions.

Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries provide on demand full power and holds charge even off the charger, with variable speeds for different trimming tasks. Cordless garden tools also offer significant safety and convenience advantages.

Explore the benefits of cordless garden tools…
  • Take cordless control
  • a whole range of garden tools, one interchangeable battery

NEW: Make the switch to cordless, for uncomplicated garden care with great results

Take cordless control

The popular and powerful cordless garden tools – such as Strimmer®, hedge trimmer, BlowerVac or chainsaw – make looking after any lawn quick, easy and stress-free.

Designed to get the job done faster, operation is lightweight with less vibration. Being cord free, you control the power distribution: Whether you need longer cutting time or maximum strength for tougher tasks.

A fundamental advantage of going battery-powered is the versatility it provides. Garden tools are often dual purpose, enabling you to trim and edge pathways, or shred, vac and blow leaves littering the lawn.

Cordless hedge trimmer, Strimmer® and BlowerVac garden tools feature smart innovations like eco shut off, to stop power drain. Alongside easy start up and fast charge times, cordless garden tools also come with dual batteries (for easy swap, and no cutting downtime.)

NEW: Cordless garden tools – lightweight, balanced, quiet, clean and easy.

A whole range of garden tools, one interchangeable battery

Trimming, cutting and pruning tasks all around the garden require different types of tools. Battery-powered hedge trimmers give definition and shape to natural borders, keeping them under control.

Cordless Strimmer® keep lawn areas neat and tidy, tackling everything from dense overgrowth to pathway edges. With a cord free BlowerVac you can singlehandedly vacuum, shred and blow leaves, with precision pick up.

A whole range of handheld garden tools, one intergeageable battery – it would make life easier, if all your tools charged in the same way…

Some handheld garden tools can be powered up with the battery pack in situ, or docked at a station. Instant power readings show how much charge is left, so you never run short in the middle of a task. And, dual batteries are easily swapped to provide a continuous charge for longer jobs.

Giving your garden tools a cordless makeover cuts environmental impact and running costs – and gives you total freedom to look after any outdoor area, with no restrictions.

NEW: Cordless garden tools – More: Power, Runtime, Freedom, Less: Emissions, Vibrations and noise