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Газонокосилки 2012

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Has your lawn mower seen better summers? Maybe you’ve moved to a new house, with a much bigger garden. Or, want to switch from petrol to electric for eco reasons.

As well as lawn size and shape, it’s important to consider which type of mower is best suited to you and your garden. Technology makes it possible to mow longer and empty less, cut up-to-the-edge and tackle tall damp grass without stalling…

What are you looking for in a lawnmower?
  • Choosing a lawn mower
  • Match garden size
  • Weigh up power
  • Get the right finish
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Lawn mowers explained

A healthy lawn makes for a beautiful garden. The best way to achieve good-looking grass is to mow your lawn regularly – as well as edging, trimming, feeding, watering and aerating (lawn care.)

This means choosing the right type lawn mower for your garden. There are three main types from: Cylinder, Rotary and Hover.

Cylinder mower blades rotate vertically to produce a scissor-like cut. Rotary mowers use a fast-moving blade, like a scythe, to easily handle most types of lawn terrain - even sloping banks. Hover mowers float above the surface of the grass in a pocket of air, instead of moving on wheels.

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Match garden size

The size of your lawn area is an important factor when choosing a garden mower.

Lightweight and comfortable to use, electric lawnmowers are ideal for small, medium and some large lawns. They offer excellent value for money, combining high power with expert finishing.

Easily capable of cutting through long damp grass with very little effort, electric mowers are quiet and fume-free. This makes them a pollution-free option, both for the environment and your neighbours.

Choosing the right type of garden lawn mower includes getting the cutting width right. This is based on how many square metres of lawn you have to mow:

  • 32cm for up to 300sqm
  • 34cm for up to 450sqm
  • 38cm for up to 600sqm
  • 42cm for larger than 800sqm
The wider the mower, the less time it will take to cut grass – however, a larger mower will need careful manoeuvring around corners or edges. Other things to consider, along with garden size, are terrain and climate, what type of grass grows there and how fast.
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Weigh up power

Electric or petrol lawnmower – how do you decide? Choosing the power source for garden lawn mowers depends on the type and size of your garden.

Petrol lawnmowers might suit larger lawns but require more maintenance (servicing, lubrication, filter changes.) They are typically costlier to buy, are heavier to handle and noisier to operate.

Light, quiet and easy to look after, electric lawnmowers are ideal for regular use in a home garden. More environmentally friendly and requiring little maintenance, electric mowers can also be easily adjusted to the desired cutting height.

You will need easy access to an outdoor power source, but there will be no fumes, noise or maintenance to contend with. Quick tip: Choose an electric mower model with a smart cable and plug tidy – it keeps the cord safely out of your mowing path and tangle-free when stored away.

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Get the right finish

Garden lawn mowers are designed to handle all types of grass and cutting heights; but when it comes to the edges, it’s not nearly as straightforward.

Achieving a close, neat finish on garden lawn edges while you mow saves getting the shears out at the end. Some electric lawn mowers can cut up to enclosed and over open edges, with total stability – and no need to mow at an angle.

Some electric lawn mowers also make it possible to cut for longer and empty less. Compacting technology gets the job done much quicker, with minimal effort, thanks to small box convenience and big box capacity.

Being able to navigate trickier lawn terrain, comfortably, is another key consideration when choosing a mower. Garden obstacles, like low to the ground shrubbery and furniture, are renowned for causing finishing issues if you can’t easily reach them.

Some electric lawn mower models have a low profile design to get into tighter spaces. Easy-adjust height settings let you switch on the move, at the touch of a button or handle. Mower handles also fold away for ultra compact storage.

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