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What to look for in a string trimmer

Trimming excess grass growing against a wall, fence, flowerbed or pathway gives lawn borders a neat and tidy finish. Awkward areas around hedges, fences and trees, as well as tall overgrown foliage, are difficult to reach by hand – and it’s tricky to get a consistent cut length.

A strimmer® or grass trimmer is the answer. Designed to be lightweight and flexible, these garden tools tackle the toughest areas in a little amount of time.

Learn more about choosing a string trimmer…

  • How do strimmers® work?
  • Cutting width and line
  • Height and handle

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How do strimmers work

Electric and battery-powered grass trimmers are ideal for keeping your garden tidy. They cut through long grass and weeds using a line of nylon cord, spinning and slicing through vegetation at very high speed.

Electric grass trimmers and battery-powered cordless strimmers® are lightweight and easy to handle. You can use them anywhere, on all types of lawn and garden foliage.

Petrol trimmers are recommended for cutting dense overgrowth in less accessible areas. Heavier and bulkier to operate, they are noisier and smoky - plus need regular top ups with petrol. However, new cordless tools available hit levels of performance previously only achieved through petrol.

Some models require you to change the line when it wears out; others use a spool that feeds through automatically until it eventually runs out. Feed mechanisms vary, from bump to manual and AFS.

Bump feed grass trimmers use a spring underneath the spool. When you tap or bump the head against the ground more line comes out. Automatic feed pushes more line out whenever it gets too short, and manual feed requires you to stop the machine and pull or unwind the string wound inside the head by hand.

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Cutting width and line

It’s important to choose the right grass trimmer based on the areas you intend to use it. Will you need the strimmer® to work in large grass areas, on patches of overgrown weeds and brambles, or as an edging tool for paths and borders?

For heavily overgrown areas, you’ll need to choose a trimmer with a wide cutting swathe. (The bigger the width of the trimmer, the more it can cut in one go.) Strimmers® with smaller cutting swathes are lighter in weight and more manoeuvrable, especially in confined spaces.

The cutting cord can be attached to strimmer® in a variety of ways. With some models, you will need to replace the broken cord with a new one when it breaks. Others include an integral spool.

One version automatically feeds cord as required to give hours of continuous trimming; the other bump feeds. When you need more line you tap the head of the machine on the ground and cord automatically feeds through. Spools that are factory wound offer maximum reliability – making the cord less likely to break or become tangled.

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Height and handle

When it comes to choosing the right grass trimmer, finding a model that feels comfortable to use is important. At the correct height, grass trimming should be easy, efficient and effortless – not back breaking.

Some models come with adjustable shaft lengths; others are designed to be smaller and more ergonomic. It largely depends on the size and type of garden area you will be working on.

The smallest, lightest machines can be used single-handed – some electric strimmers® are actually designed to only have one handle. Dual handle garden trimmers provide increased balance and comfort, particularly for larger or slightly heavier models.

This is particularly useful if using a garden strimmer for long periods; a second handle allows you to steady and control the cutting machine without getting tired.

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